Deeply profound, wonderful read!! I especially love the “combine optimism with the cunning high-functioning alcoholic…” part; for a couple years I was with a man who was slowly killing himself while his kids (one of whom had actually been in rehab for heroin) drank along with him, partying as though there was no problem … yet everyone was aware that addiction was a family disease they all had. I couldn’t deal with this. Because I’ve got a history of being in codependent relationships with heavy drinkers, I’ve been saying for several years, “It’s really sad when a man would rather hold a cold beer than a warm woman.” A man I previously dated died earlier this year at 61, and he rode out of this mortal coil on a wave of booze like many other people I’ve known have done.

Thanks for writing and sharing your story!! It should provide spots of clarity to a lot of people who dearly need it.

Experienced professional writer/freelancer and former newspaper reporter-turned-online writer/blogger. Thinker. “Old soul”, young hippie, empath.

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