Great article!!

I raised my son mostly on my own, so we were a single-parent, low-income (by the government's standards, anyway) family. He's grown up to be quite resourceful, having learned how to do more with less, and be thankful for what he had/has. Some of my family members have bought into the society paradigm of "money rules... and the more the merrier." NOt me. Instead, I taught my son that money DOESN'T necessarily equal happiness. Being a millennial, he sees through the smokescreen/BS of society's "rules" that so many of his generation are flouting.

I've learned to embrace so-called mediocrity (and in who's definition???) myself. Still low income, though I have everything I need and there's nothing I want. ... I know I have a lot more than many people who are still strugglng to attain someone else's definition of "success" because I have contentment and peace of mind ... and that's worth a LOT.

Thanks for sharing Sean!!

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