Great article!! I thank you much for writing and sharing it!

Having been employed for 35+ years of my life in numerous jobs, I’ve compiled a list of “bad," ineffective, morale-destroying, and just plain toxic things that bosses/managers say to their workers. Many of them you touched upon here. I have often wished that those people in charge would read stuff like this and take it to heart …or else they’d admit they aren’t up to the job of being a positive, motivatingg leader and take a different position. I’ve found that too many bosses aren’t fit for that role, which helps explain why, in some cases, they “can’t find good help": Because they aren’t good bosses and/or their culture is toxic, unwelcoming to newcomers, clique-y or “an old boy’s club" that is hostile to women.

As far as the “shotgun" approach, that sounds soooo passive-aggressive (behavior that is the norm here in a state of so-called Nice People where I live). The Director of Operations at my job does that (or did, when we used to have monthly staff meetings, which we don’t anymore thanks to Covid), and I cringe every time. Our company, and industry as a whole, has such horrible turnover that you’d think he’d find another way to address or not-very-motivated employees, but no. Maybe I could e-mail your article to him …

Experienced professional writer/freelancer and former newspaper reporter-turned-online writer/blogger. Thinker. “Old soul”, young hippie, empath.

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