Here’s why I’m voting for Joe Biden

Health care-related matters make him overwhelmingly the logical choice

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mericans will soon begin voting on their choice for president. Though election day is officially a little over a month away, Nov. 3, there is early voting and absentee voting to count in the mix as well.

Although I was not a huge supporter of Democratic nominee (and former vice president under Barack Obama) Joe Biden because I was rooting for one of the women who were running (such as Amy Klobuchar, who is from my state and would be a fabulous commander-in-chief), I’m now throwing my support behind Biden— and urging my left-leaning peeps to support him and Kamala Harris as well.

Yes, I am admittedly a lifelong Democrat voter, outspoken liberal and feminist… just like my late, great mother was. I don’t believe in voting for someone because of one issue — that is, a single-issue platform that many politicians run on, such as their being pro-life. That being said, among the biggest reasons I am supporting and voting for Biden/Harris is health care. I’ve been a long-time supporter of Medicare for All way before that became a slogan, due to my own huge medical debt in the past, and also lots of reading about other people’s problems because they lack of health insurance or their battles with medical insurance companies. Very sad stories. (The UK, Canada, Japan, Scandinavian countries, etc., do not have these issues becasue their governments care about their residents. I know I’m not alone in envying those people in those more liberal countries. Sigh….)

As a result it seems that anyone who cares about “the common people” as us Democrat-voting people generally do, will easily see the sense and logic of this choice. I realized this after seeing a political ad by Biden the other day in which he was talking about health care. He spoke of his son, Joseph III or Beau, when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He asked the viewer to imagine the hell his family would have faced had Beau not had good health insurance. Which of course he did have, being a politician and all, with the great benefits that come along with the job.

Seeing that commercial struck me and the sensitive nerve I have regarding health care/medical insurance, the ridiculously sky-high costs for same and the way insurance companies basically rule our lives though medical choices. The millions of Americans who, like me, have faced high amounts of medical debt and/or bankruptcy due to said medical debt will no doubt concur that Biden is our man.

Because on the other hand we have President Donald J. Trump, who ran on the promise of dismantling Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act). which allows millions of people to gain access to affordable health insurance and got rid of the “pre-existing conditions” clause that disqualified so many people from getting health insurance. The ACA was a crowning achievement of the Obama era and Biden will no doubt keep it intact — for which I throw my hat in with him.

As Trump has not succeeded in overturning the ACA (thank heavens/God/the Universe!!!) but he and his followers have been trumpeting for its demise ever since 2016. I honestly am baffled by why any thinking person with any humanity in him or her would want to deny health care coverage to people. It’s bad enough that in the U.S. medical care industry the prices are so horrendously high that people are skipping needed care or medicine because they can’t afford it and therefore probably dying early. I’ve been there and done that; it used to be that if it wasn’t life-threatening or super painful, I’d often skip the doctor and just live with it.

Yet so many Republicans, including of course the President, appear to be quite heartless and uncaring because they say “let them eat cake and take away their health insurance…because we don’t care about all you poor people and your medical issues/debts.” This administration’s stand, shared by many of those who identify as conservatives, is wrong on so many levels. It’s cruel, heartless and — in a better world — we would vote out all of those who are against affordable health insurance.

Well, I will be voting in favor of Biden and affordable health care/insurance and I’m sure many of my peeps will as well. Because we have hearts and we care about our neighbors and fellow Americans. Unlike the current Administration.

Another healthcare-related reason to vote Biden/Harris is the fact that Trump administration and his ’ “sheeple” (sheep + people=sheeple) are aiming toward reversing Roe v Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. For obvious reasons, Trump quickly chose a right-leaning nominee in Amy Coney Barrett, whose placement on the highest court of the land would make it a 6–3 conservative-leaning entity. This could spell gloom and doom for those of us who believe in choice when it comes to our reproductive issues.

For a small history lesson, abortion (and birth control) have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Birth control was legalized in this country in the 1960s (which BLOWS my mind that it took that long) and then abortion was made legal with Roe v Wade in 1973. I read that prior to that time women had self-aborted, often ruining their future fertility dreams or else resulting in their deaths. Roe likely didn’t cause a huge upsurge in abortions but rather made it safer.

I am not arguing in favor of abortions by any means. I would never have made that choice and luckily am far past having to worry about it. I think it’s a highly personal choice based on a woman’s circumstances, a choice that should NOT be made by old white men (and women) who are our anti-choice politicians.

Nor should corporations (not mentioning any names) be allowed to not pay for birth control for its female employees. I’ve been there and I was just dumbfounded. “You mean if I were pregnant my policy will cover all my care but this policy doesn’t cover birth control?!!?” I remember saying 30 years ago. So my birth control pills at $20/month were all on me and at that time that was a lot of money for someone in a low-paying job. I can vividly recall my mom saying, “Some insurance won’t pay for a woman’s reproductive health care issues but yet they DO cover Viagra!” Which shows how sexist and anti-woman “the system” is.

However, if Coney Barrett indeed does get a seat on the Supreme Court, and/or if President Trump is re-elected (I shudder and my stomach turns at the mere thought) we will see many more court battles trying to make abortions illegal . Plus we might see laws passed trying to further restrict access to birth control … as well as more trials and challenges to the ACA itself, thus possibly limiting our health care choices. We can’t let that happen.

Over the years I’ve found it highly hypocritical and frankly kind of stupid that those who are “pro-life” and anti-abortion also are against birth control. Like, dose that make any sense? Who in this country can afford to have “all the children that God gives us” anymore. Damn few people, I bet. Forcing women to birth every child they conceive because they can’t afford to prevent getting pregnant will mean a lot more poor people as a result.

When ACA was being debated I had to laugh at the right-wingers crying about how “this will mean government will be dictating your health care decisions.” Oh boo hoo, guys!! As it turns out the truth the greedy medical insurance companies in the U.S. are dictating our health care. If you don’t believe it, read a newspaper or talk to someone with many health challenges. Good health care in the U.S. is actually more or a luxury enjoyed by the “haves’ while the “have nots” are being denied medical care, medicine and certain procedures left and right by the insurance companies. This is no way for a country’s citizens to have to live.

can’t afford four more years of Trump and his right-wing-nut cronies who want us to go back into the so-called idyllic years of the 1950s (or earlier even). Unless, perhaps, if wages in this country suddenly rose to the point where families could get by with one wage earner the way it was back then (yes, I know: Fat chance of that ever happening). Therefore I am voting for Biden/Harris and urging my peeps (fellow “lefties”) to urge two friends, who will urge two friends to vote, and so on, and son … Let’s jump on the bandwagon and save our rights to affordable healthcare. For ourselves and our fellow countrymen (and women, and children) it’s the only logical, humane choice. Please vote. Thank you.

Experienced professional writer/freelancer and former newspaper reporter-turned-online writer/blogger. Thinker. “Old soul”, young hippie, empath.

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