Jane-ADD is just one of my “alphabet soup" disorders; I’ve also had PTSD, and have struggled for years with anxiety (GAD). I live in the Midwest where it gets really cold and daylight gets very short in the cold months, during which I have bouts of SAD.

I also have CAD: Cat Addiction Disorder …. Which I just made up LOL.

I too have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and between that and arthritis here and there, I sadly can’t be active like I was just ten years ago. I deal with it in the stoic Scandinavian fashion (“it is what it is") and "it could be worse!”), try to keep a positive spin on things and laugh every day.

BTW I’m 55, an “old school-patented" girl, and I too was dumbfounded by the “everyone wins" approach that educational institutions were doing when my son was in school. I’m a firm believer in giving praise where it’s due. I grew up being constantly criticized and felt as I wasn’t “quite right.” My own son grew up with positive encouragement (mostly from me, as his father and many other relatives are stuck in the old groove of “criticizing and correcting children" as a child-raising philosophy) paired with gentle guidance toward making good decisions. Despite his being in different atmospheres in my house vs. his father’s house, he seems to be pretty well adjusted.

Maybe all my “disorders" are because I’m an empath, or they make me an empath. Because of my dysfunctional upbringing, in which I didn’t get very much of the “right attention,” I’m very sensitive to others' feelings. If I meet a child (such as my boyfriend’s grandsons, for example) who obviously in need of some adult attention (and the parent is not giving it) I will do what I can, what is appropriate, to give positive attention to the kid. Just my philosophy, that there are too many kids not getting the attention (not to mention the practical life lessons, encouragement and parental guidance) they need to be mentally well adjusted (us observant people will notice this everywhere, and it’s sad).

Because I can sense that some kids aren’t getting some of their basic attention needs filled, I feel that if I can help a child in some small way (which might positively impact that person’s life--so he/she might grow up to NOT have anxious/avoidant attachment style or have fear of abandonment, or worst case, get sucked into abusive relationships), I’m glad to do so!!

Experienced professional writer/freelancer and former newspaper reporter-turned-online writer/blogger. Thinker. “Old soul”, young hippie, empath.

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