My therapist said I am not bat-shit crazy!

Carlene M. Dean
7 min readDec 2, 2020

Something that surely many people need to hear

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It was last year, I believe, when my wonderful therapist said, “I don’t think you’re bat-shit crazy, Carlene! You’re just you.” She said this because over the three-plus years I have been visiting with her, I’ve told her the long story of “what is wrong with me” and detailed the various traumas I have been though, and why I believe I am, ummm, a wee bit nutty.

(Some of my favorite people have said, when I tell them I’m
“crazy”, that I’m the ‘good’ crazy, or the ‘fun’ crazy. Which is also nice of them to say that, after having heard not-so-nice things for some many years).

Being the type of therapist she is, she often points out my good qualities as she sees them and reminds me if needed of what they are at subsequent sessions. Her encouraging, uplifting words are like a large glass of iced tea (or whatever beverage) to a soul thirsty for positive affirmation.

I am positively convinced that many other people out there need to hear words like these … not just now “in these uncertain times” but ALWAYS.

It is a sad fact that some people rarely, if ever, receive encouragement, and many are knocked down when they try to “build themselves up.” Those of us “older” people may recall being told back in the day things like “Don’t toot your own horn,” or “Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard, you might break your arm” (both of which I heard regularly). Because I have a history of being willful, stubborn, and prone to making less-than-brilliant choices, it was said of me, “If there’s an easy way to do something and a hard way, she ALWAYS picks the hard way.”

I truly hope no child ever has to hear these phrases now in these modern, slightly more enlightened times.

There are so many other people in the world struggling with various mental health challenges. These people would really love to hear positive, helpful words, and to receive kindness from not only their friends and loved ones but also from strangers. I like to compliment people, or just chat friendly-like with random people, thinking that maybe I am making their day by doing so. Maybe not, but I like to think so. If I see a child who clearly needs attention, I might give her/him…

Carlene M. Dean

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