This is an awesome: a sometimes poignant and at other times kind of humorous article about adding years to one’s life. I enjoyed it very much!!

When I turned 50 (almost 6 years ago) my reaction was “Wow! I’m 50. Gosh, can hardly believe it!” My age has never bothered me, even as a woman living in the U.S. where youth/looking youthful is prized and women “showing their age" is somehow looked down upon by some.. People are sometimes surprised when I tell them my age (as though it’s a shameful secret, right?) I think it’s a much better idea to not let one’s age define them and to continue doing what you want and are able to do.

I can relate to your thoughts about procrastination — one of my biggest flaws — though. I can relate to your thinking of how you could’ve been so much farther along in life sooner. However, celebrating what one HAS accomplished and obstacles overcome in the journey makes much more sense than worryung about “would’ve, could’ve, should haves,” as you evidently understand.

I really did like your refreshingly frank, outspoken article. Cheers as you mark a half century of life!

Experienced professional writer/freelancer and former newspaper reporter-turned-online writer/blogger. Thinker. “Old soul”, young hippie, empath.

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