Very well said, Helen and I completely agree!!! Over my decades of paying attention to politics I've been nauseated countless times when I read about some female senator's--or a presidential candidate, or a First Lady, etc.-- outfit, or hair, or makeup. I wasn't alive during the JFK period, though I clearly remember all the publicity about Jackie K.'s style, her hats, etc. Similarly with Nancy Reagan. It's this lovely sexist society in which we live that still, to this day, often regards us women and our value based simply on our personal ornamentation... or our value to a man as his "arm candy" (which I'm sure has a LOT to do with how the current First Lady aquired that position). Apparently some media has not yet caught on to the fact that we have minds, thoughts, ideas and plans that are more important than our looks. Sad, but true. Thanks for weighing in on this.

Experienced professional writer/freelancer and former newspaper reporter-turned-online writer/blogger. Thinker. “Old soul”, young hippie, empath.

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