Why have the main political parties gotten so wacky (that it’s scary)?

Carlene M. Dean
8 min readJul 22, 2020
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“Aren’t you afraid your son might grow up to be gay?” asked a now-former friend one time when my only offspring was still in grade school (many years ago). “Nope,” I answered breezily, “I’m more afraid he’ll grow up to be Republican.” Though my main aim was to be both truthful and amusing with that reply, there is a large grain of truth in that statement (because his sexual orientation didn’t concern me and shouldn’t have concerned my former friend. People are who they are and love/are attracted to whom they are, so it’s a non-issue to me). On the other hand, although I am a lifelong Democrat voter (daughter of a staunch, outspoken, active Democrat woman, a liberal until her dying day) I did tell my son that he was free to form his own political views, as well as views and perspectives on everything else independent of what my views are…because he’s an individual with his own active mind, and I respect that.

Imagine my being a bit surprised when, maybe a couple years ago, he told me he leans toward being a “Congressional Republican.” Since I try to limit my exposure to media, I was not aware of this term, so I Googled it. Apparently it means people who believe in ideals, have a platform of values, that were — in the Republican party’s earlier years — very similar to the current Democrat platform. Sadly some of the original ideals of the old Republican Party seem to be forgotten or thrown to the wind nowadays by the Republicans; for example, they used to believe in helping people with social safety nets (see the Republican Party platform explained in a few paragraphs). Even though there were and still remain those hard-line conservatives still don’t support social programs: “ God forbid we have Socialism here!!!” they scream, and then say, “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”, a term I’ve always hated, since I realize some people don’t even HAVE bootstraps (that is, the tools and the tool box needed to get ahead in life). Of course these are the people who don’t have to worry about their next meal and if there will be one, which is a real concern for millions of poor people currently in America.

Anyway, because I’m a former newspaper reporter who was raised in a strongly political family, I have listened to/read political news and views for probably most of my life. I’ve…

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