You don’t just get a notification telling you your relationship is sh*t and it’s time to get out.

_ — — — — — -


This above quote may be true for some people. But in my case I actually do get a message — or maybe several of them — saying “this relationship is shit”. Sometimes I ignore them, at least for a while until I “just can’t take it anymore” and I’m Just. Done. I’m sure a lot of readers can relate.

Great article, Ellen, with some great stuff to think about!! Indeed it’s true that crappy relationships may ruin our health, steal our true selves/identity and make us feel “less than,” and this is NEVER ok. A partner should add to, not subtract from, or lives.

Hopefully your article will cause a lot of metaphorical light bulbs to turn on over people’s heads, and teach them something… like for example, that they should Get. Out. Now. (Capitals used on purpose).

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